Alex Benches

Alex Benches


A modular range of contemporary solid oak hardwood timber benches

Robust solid oak benches, suitable for parks, playgrounds and other outdoor public spaces.

Options include backrests, curved benches, raised posts and multiple units.

Great for informally arranged groups.

Sustainable and naturally durable hardwood.

  • Backrest
  • curved (without backrest) 
  • modules combined to make longer benches
  • tree seat
  • table
  • H x W x L mm
  • Alex bench straight: 460 x 455 x 600/1200/1800
  • Alex bench curved: 460 x 455 x 1200 with a radius of 3m
  • Alex bench straight with backrest: 820 x 560 x 600/1200/1800
  • Alex table: 500/750 x diameter 600/900
  • Inground fixed with extended legs
  • Surface fixed
  • Free-standing

Oak Alex Benches 

Alex Bench

Curved Alex Bench

Curved Alex Bench with raised posts

Alex Tree Seat

Alex Table & Curved Linked Benches

Oak Alex Dining Chair

Alex Dining Chair & side table

Oak Alex Benches with backs

Alex Chair

Alex 2 Seater

Alex 3 Seater

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