About us

At Oxford Oak we make outdoor furniture and pergolas for public spaces.

Since we started in 2005, we’ve developed a wealth of expertise collaborating with our clients to create beautiful, comfortable robust outdoor furniture.

We only use sustainable materials – solid oak and steel. We source our oak from local woodlands in Oxfordshire, the UK and France.

All our products are individually made to order in our Oxfordshire workshops by skilled craftspersons. This allows us to maintain high quality control, and means we can customise our range to meet your project requirements.


Robust street furniture

We’ve developed a wealth of expertise over the years in creating products that are robust and resistant to both weathering and wear and tear in the public realm.

We use oak which is a naturally durable hardwood. We select the best grades of oak for each project, and work with the grain and natural imperfections to produce furniture that will withstand seasonal changes in temperature and moisture.

Construction techniques include traditional mortise and tenon joints held together with hand made oak pegs, and the use of generously proportioned solid oak beams.

Comfortable and attractive street furniture

Oak is ideal for seating, as it is warm to the touch. All Oxford Oak products are planed and sanded to a smooth finish, providing a tactile, attractive natural element in public spaces.

Many of our seats have backrests and armrests, which make them especially comfortable and more accessible for the less able.

Oak is an attractive material, with characterful markings. Outside, it gradually weathers over time to a lovely silver.

More about the oak we use


Subtle detailing

Gentle curves are a key feature of Oxford Oak furniture. They are critical for shedding rain water, keeping seats dry and protecting the oak in the longer term. Curves also soften the look of the heavy oak beams, creating a visual impression of lightness, as well as enhancing tactility and comfort.


Oxford Oak was generously funded in 2017 with a LEADER grant for new workshop equipment.

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