Public Art Project:
Artistic Seating, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire

We were commissioned by Sutton Courtenay Parish Council to create a range of unique outdoor seating for the village, reflecting the rich history and beautiful rural setting.

We took design inspiration from

  • the Norman zig-zag carving on the All Saints Church,
  • Rippling water and wildlife of the River Meadowlands, and
  • Wheat and barley growing in the Village Terrace Farmlands.

A three seater oak bench with backrest and one armrest was developed, based on our “Alex bench”. A matching backless bench was developed with one upright post.

These comfortable and robust benches were enriched with hand carved designs based on the three sources of inspiration.

Alex bench with backrest
sketch of Alex bench with a post

Sketches of the bench designs reflecting the three different sources of inspiration.

The bench designs reflected the areas they were located in – Norman zig-zags around All Saints Church, River Meadowlands near the Thames, and Village Terrace Farmlands in the southern part of the village near the arable fields.

Carving in the workshop
Carving in the workshop
Wheat bench
Oak benches in the workshop
Wheat bench

Relevant products

image of Alex bench

Alex Benches