Raft Benches

Contemporary benches in solid oak 


Contemporary oak benches with organic shapes

Rafts provide a wide variety of informal seating positions, including perching, lounging, and sitting at higher and lower levels, as well as more formal seating with backrests. This is particularly enjoyed by teenagers and younger adults, and anyone looking for a more flexible perch.

Suitable for break out areas, secondary school or university grounds, parks, squares and other public outdoor spaces.

Generously proportioned oak slats provide robust and comfortable seating.

Subtly curved oak slats to keep seats dry, sanded finish.

Sustainable and naturally durable hardwood.


  • Small Raft
  • Medium Raft
  • Large Raft

Rafts can incorporate:

  • backrests
  • a cut-out for trees or other planting.
  • raised perching seat
  • H x W x L mm
  • Small Raft  460 x 850 x 1,000
  • Medium Raft  740 x 950 x 1,200
  • Large Raft 900 x 2,400 x 3,500
  • Seat heights are typically 460 mm
  • Slats are 190 x 60 mm section
  • Surface fixed
  • Inground fixed

Raft Benches

Small Raft

Medium Raft

Large Raft

Raft Benches Details

Raft Benches are individually made to order in our workshop. 

Solid oak slats are sanded, washed and resanded to provide a smooth and comfortable finish.

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Raft Benches create popular breakout space for pupils at Bradfield College School

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