Solid oak bins made in our UK workshops

Robust solid oak bins
Standard sizes or customised
Galvanised steel liners
Sustainable naturally durable hardwood
Suitable for parks, squares, schools and other outdoor public spaces

  • Open or covered litter bins
  • Single or double units 
  • Durable text/logo signage can be customised
  • Dog waste bins – carved dog and dog lead peg
  • Recycling/litter bin internal capacity -112 litres
  • Dog waste bin internal capacity – 40 litres
  • External dimensions, H x W x L mm
  • Single open litter bin:  
  • Single covered litter bin:
  • Double covered waste sorting bins:
  • Dog waste bin: 
  • Inground fixing

Oak litter bin

Covered Oak Litter Bin

Double Covered Oak Bin – Separated Litter & Recycling

Oak Dog Waste Bin – lid, carved dog